Energy Automation

With the price of natural gas and electricity today, heating and cooling your business becomes more expensive every day. World Security provides a Xone of comfort and savings, while giving you control of your thermostat and lights at your fingertips.

Twice a year your electricity company sends you a report on how you use electricity in your company. The reports details how much energy you consume on a daily basis. With our Xone of protection, you have the ability to cut your energy bills by controlling your thermostat while you’re away.

Smart Schedule Activity Patterns learn how you use your energy on a daily basis. Just one touch from your phone and you can turn down the thermostat at night while the office is closed. Someone forgot to turn off the lights or lock a door? No problem! Your Xone of comfort is protected right from your phone. You can lock the door or turn off your lights with just one touch from your handheld device.

World Security Energy Management also features Sever Weather Alerts to notify you of approaching extreme weather. Power Outage Notifications are also included to let you know in real time if there is a power outage in a surrounding area or your neighborhood.

World Security energy automation allows you to set up a personalized schedule of usage by giving you total control of your energy consumption.


The World Security Energy Comfort Xone:

  • Reduces electrical energy consumption
  • Reduces unnecessary heating while your office is closed
  • Improves your cooling during the summer by turning on the air-conditioning when you are on your way into the office
  • Cuts your energy costs daily to save you money
With our energy management solutions, you can conserve energy as well as have more insight into your business usage. You also have complete control of your property through our web portal or your mobile device. Even better, you can manage your energy consumption and cut energy costs without compromising your productivity. Find out how World Security’s plans can help you save money on your energy bills: