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World Security’s Wireless Advantage

We are often asked “What is the advantage of using World Security?” or “What differentiates World Security from our competitors?” While there are many superior qualities that make World Security a leading provider of home monitoring and automation, the advantage of our wireless home security systems is one of the key state-of-the-art features that truly sets us apart.

Many home security and video surveillance systems today still rely on antiquated hard-wired or Internet connections. These obsolete systems have inherent vulnerabilities. If your electricity goes out, your Internet goes down or your land line connection is lost, the security of your home and your family are compromised.

Imagine losing connection with your personal emergency response system during a dangerous storm, or having your home alarm rendered powerless by an intruder cutting the phone line.

With World Security, you never have to worry about such vulnerabilities. Our wireless home security is always on, working to protect you, and prepared to send out signals to the local police or fire department in the event of an intrusion or emergency.

Choose World Security and ensure that your home or business is protected when you need it the most.

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