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World Security’s Unique Crash & Smash Protection

One of the superior features that sets World Security apart from other Illinois home security systems is our Crash & Smash protection. World Security is the only home security solution with this type of patented technology to protect against the disabling of your alarm system.

With other substandard systems, criminals can often destroy the security panel before it sends an alarm, leaving you and your family vulnerable. Make sure you are protected when you need it most with World Security’s interactive equipment and wireless home security.

Our exclusive technology intuitively detects system tampering or destruction during the alarm dialing process. It is also programmed to know if the system experiences similar issues during entry delay or dialer delay. If a World Security security panel is damaged and no longer sending out the appropriate signals, World Security’s Network Operations Center will immediately alert emergency personnel.

World Security’s advanced home monitoring systems also send alerts to your phone or email if a Crash & Smash alarm is detected, so you can always be aware of what’s happening at home. Plus, this one-of-a-kind technology helps you reduce the number of false alarms and avoid unnecessary trips from the police or fire department.

Create an unbeatable Xone of protection around your home with World Security Crash & Smash protection: