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World Security Home Energy Automation

With the ever-rising costs of electricity and natural gas, heating and cooling your home or business is more expensive than ever. But with World Security’s Illinois energy management systems, you are in total control of the energy being used by your property, saving you money, time and worry.

World Security’s energy management solutions decrease unnecessary heating or cooling when you are away, reduce your overall electrical energy consumption, and cut your energy costs to save you money. With customized energy automation systems, World Security gives you unprecedented insight into your home energy use, and conveniently brings light and thermostat control right to the palm of your hand.

Not only can you remotely adjust your home’s settings from your computer or smartphone, but preprogrammed controls can make automatic adjustments. Imagine locking your doors, adjusting your thermostat, turning of all lights, and arming your security system with the touch of a button or the swipe of a single finger. With World Security, all this and more is possible.

Our Smart Schedule Activity Patterns bring you the ultimate Xone of savings and comfort. The energy automation technology learns how you use your energy on a daily basis and allows you to set convenient timed schedules and even automatically adjust based on your location.  With this state-of-the-art energy automation system, you save money during the day, but still return to a comfortable, well-lit home.

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