What’s Your LifeStyle?

Family with Kids

As a parent, you are constantly on the go with your kids. At World Security, we help keep your family safe within your home and make sure that it is always secure when you are away. Our state-of-the-art technology enables you to monitor and adjust your settings from afar using your smartphone or computer. You and your family feel safe knowing that there is a Xone of protection around you at all times.


Whether you are a senior living alone or with your family, World Security is there for you. Independent seniors can relax knowing that their home is secure, and can even automate important settings including locking the doors and turning light on and off. The families of seniors are able to constantly monitor the home to ensure their loved ones are safe and well.

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Renting a House or Condo

Being a renter does not restrict you from owning a valuable security system that you can take with you wherever you go. In addition to being fully transportable from one home to the next, the World Security system can be modified to adapt to your changing needs. Maintain a Xone of protection around you, your family and home.

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Your service in the military keeps you away from your family for days, months or even longer. With a World Security home monitoring system in place, you will always have the ability to know what’s going on at home and to see your family. Know that while you are helping to keep America safe your own-loved ones are secure within a Xone of protection.

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Are you always boarding a plane for work or pleasure? Perhaps you need to let a repair man or friend into your home while you’re gone?

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Business Owner

As a business owner, you can concentrate on growing your company and know that it is always protected.

With World Security, our business is never further than a click away. See what’s going on at the office whenever you want. World Security helps you monitor, secure and automate your business 24/7. Click here to build your plan