How to Choose the Right System

How Does World Security Work?

A World Security system starts with the control panel and then branches out from there to create a Xone of protection around your home or business. Each sensor constitutes it's own individual "xone". Whenever a door or window opens, you receive an alert to let you know that the sensor has been compromised or triggered. 
Our World Security monitoring is the key to your safety and protection. When a warning alert is received, the Xone team is prepared to dispatch your local police or fire department 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.
All of World Security’s home security sensors are wireless. Our professional installers don't need to drill or lay additional wiring to install your system. The systems are easy to configure and are not dependent on a phone line. Your Xone of protection includes a monthly monitoring plan that secures everything in your house or business against fire, flood, medical and other emergencies.

How if World Security different from other home security systems?

The first answer to this question is responsiveness. World Security’s around the clock monitoring services ensure that your home or office has a constant Xone of protection. The second answer is customer service. World Security is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of quality and service to every one of its customers.
In terms of the system itself, World Security’s cellular system makes it a superior choice to other, outdated systems that depend on wired or Internet connections. Those systems have inherent vulnerabilities: security may be compromised if wires are cut, phone lines go down or an Internet outage occurs. When electricity goes out during a storm that is the time when your home or business is most vulnerable. World Security’s home security equipment ensures that your system is always prepared to send out signals to the local police or fire department in the event of an intrusion.
World Security control panels can work for 24 hours without power, which is 100% longer than any other system currently available. That is just one more reason why consumers choose World Security over other companies: we are there to protect your home or business when you need us the most.

Why do I need professional installation?

Your World Security wireless security system exists so that you can protect your home or business. That means ensuring that the system is properly installed to ensure that it performs its job for you all the time, every time. We use some of the most qualified, experienced and professional security system installers to protect and automate your home.

What happens if my Xone of Protection is breached?

With your Xone of Protection, our monitoring company is with you 24 hours a day, making sure your home or business is safe. Once your World Security system is activated and online you are part of the largest monitoring network in the U.S., giving you a sense of comfort and security.
In the event of an incident, the police or fire department will be dispatched and you will receive an electronic alert and a call to your phone.  
The World Security mobile application can be installed on your smartphone and other computers to monitor your home while you are away. You are in control, with everything you need literally at your fingertips.
Your Xone of protection is on all the time and every time, every minute of every day.

How much does World Security cost?

Our plans are individually tailored based on your lifestyle and needs. All of our costs are upfront with no hidden fees. You choose the plan that is right for you.
World Security Essential Plan – starting at $34.95/mo – Build Your Plan
World Security Interactive Plus Plan – $44.95/mo – Build Your Plan
World Security Interactive Premium Plan – $54.95/mo -Build Your Plan