Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I select the right equipment for my house?
First, look at all the possible points of entry to your home on the first floor. Almost all break-ins occur through the front or back doors. Make sure that every any door, including sliding patio doors, has a sensor. Ground-floor windows may be protected by window sensors, motion sensors, or video cameras. Carefully consider the best way to protect your family.
Q Can I protect my home if I am renting?
Whether you rent or own your home, we have the right interactive security system for you or your family. All of our home security equipment is portable because we rely on cellular technology and not phone lines. You can easily take all of your sensors and wireless cameras from one location to another. Your monitoring contract also follows you wherever you go.
Q Can I get automation and protection for my business?
Yes. Our protection and monitoring works just as easily with your business. With easy access to camera feeds, e-mail alerts and mobile apps, you will always have your finger on the pulse of your business.
Q How does the World Security system work?
There are three main functions of every World Security system to protect your family or business. Each system can be configured differently to ensure that you have the correct features and applications in place.
Window sensors, motion sensors, fire and carbon monoxide sensors are devices placed around your home. Each sensor’s job is to continuously monitor for events that can trigger an alert (i.e. opening a door or window, breaking glass, movement in a room, smoke detection). In each such event, the sensor sends an alert signal to the World Security control panel or your mobile device.
The control panel is the main hub of any alarm system and its job is to monitor all activity in the home or business and send alerts to your mobile device. The control panel can be customized to manage everything in your house, including thermostat control.
Your monitoring package is there for you 24/7 and does not sleep, but you can rest easy knowing that your home is under a Xone of protection. Whenever your Xone is compromised, an alert comes in and the monitoring team will contact you and your local police or fire station to keep your home safe and secure.  
Q How does monitoring keep me safe?
The system’s loud alarm will deter criminals and signal to your neighbors that something is amiss. In the event of a crash and smash, the World Security system immediately alerts the local police who are dispatched to your home. Noisy alarms don't keep the bad guys away, but instant response dispatches the police, helping to keep you and your family safe and secure.
Q What does Crash and Smash mean?
Systems typically give you a 30 to 60 second delay to reset a system in the event of an alarm being triggered. Crash and smash refers to the scenario where a criminal breaks into a home and attempts to immediately disable the alarm system by destroying the control panel. In such a scenario, World Security sends an alert that immediately dispatches your local police, giving the intruder minimal time to compromise your home or small business.
Q Can I turn off my system if I am away from my home?
With your World Security protection package you are in FULL CONTROL of your home or business. We offer an application that is always with you on your smart phone. With World Security, you can disarm the system to let someone into your home and then reset it after they leave, giving you peace of mind and a Xone of protection while away.
Q Why is wireless safer?
The main reasons are that wireless home security systems require NO WIRES and NO PHONE LINES. Your World Security system relies on cellular technology and each device has an IP address that is synced with your phone. The seamless integration of your smart phone and your automated security system provide a strong Xone of protection. 
Q I live in a rural or remote area. Will World Security work for me?
Yes, because World Security’s system uses low frequency technology. Your connection will be strong, even in remote areas, since our cellular and satellite technology work in tandem to give you the right Xone of protection.
Q Does your system rely on a WiFi network?
The system employs cellular technology, but if you are using cameras in your home or business then you will need a local WiFi signal to utilize video. In the event of a power outage you will get an instant alert telling you that your video signal is down because of a local outage.
Q Can I install the World Security system on my own?
World Security strongly recommends that you use one of our local expert installers. This ensures that the system is fully installed, properly configured, and that the alarm signal is activated with our monitoring company.
Q What's included in my system?
Our plans are individually tailored based upon your lifestyle and needs. There are no extra or hidden fees. We set it up, make sure your monitoring is active and then fully train you on how the system works, giving you your very own World Security around your home or business.
Q What if I want to add more equipment?
No problem. Depending upon the circumstance we can send an installer to your home or walk you step-by-step through the process of adding an additional sensor. 
Q How long does my contract last?
The contract length for our system is three years, after which you move to a month-to-month billing cycle.