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Illinois Personal Emergency Response Systems from World Security

Do you have an elderly relative requiring extra care, but you can’t afford costly full-time assisted living? Maybe a loved one prefers to stay at home, but you want the security of knowing that someone is watching out for them and the ability to easily check-in without relying on them to stay in touch?

World Security Personal Emergency Response Systems (P.E.R.S.) provide a convenient and affordable solution for you and your family. More than just an emergency button, World Security automation and home monitoring products are a reliable, 24/7 safety net.

Our interactive security systems learn your family members’ daily activity patterns and send you alerts when something is out of the ordinary, such as your loved one spending an abnormal amount of time in bed or leaving the house at an odd time. You also have the ability to easily check-in on a loved one at any time right from your computer or smartphone.

World Security’s industry-leading home automation makes life easier by simplifying routine tasks. Personalize schedules for lights, thermostats, locks and security, so neither you nor your independent loved one has to worry about them. Plus, with World Security’s unique remote access, you can always check the status of these home settings and easily adjust them from wherever you are.

Your World Security Personal Emergency Response System can even be easily integrated with other systems, making the monitoring information conveniently available to you at all times.

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