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Illinois Home Automation by World Security

With the jam-packed schedules of today, home automation alleviates worries and brings homeowners much needed peace of mind. Chicago-based World Security offers convenient, industry-leading home automation technology to residents of Illinois and beyond.

World Security’s wireless systems automate your daily life through remote control of your security system, lights, locks, garage door, thermostat and even everyday appliances. Customized schedules provide the ultimate in personalization, and convenient home monitoring allows you access your current settings and controls from your computer, tablet or smartphone technology.

Set daily light and thermostat control schedules that provide efficient energy management during the day, but allow you to return home to a comfortable, well-lit home. Remotely access your home’s current settings to check if you left the curling iron on or the front door unlocked. Save yourself a trip home over lunch by opening the garage door for a repair worker right from your office computer.

World Security provides the ultimate in Illinois home automation with its unique, highly customized automation rules. With just one touch, you can lock your doors, arm the home security system, adjust the thermostat, close the garage door and turn off the lights.

To learn more about the innovative home security and home automation products available from World Security at home automation.