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Stay connected while on-the-go with remote home monitoring services from top Illinois home security provider World Security.

Whether you are just down the block or half-way around the world, you can be close to home with World Security’s state-of-the-art, industry-leading home automation and remote access systems. Through our free mobile app and online accounts, you are always in tune to what’s happening at your property no matter where you go.

Receive instant alerts of security concerns and out-of-the-ordinary happenings. Watch live video from your home or business on demand. Lock your doors, adjust the temperature of your house, close the garage door, arm your alarm system and even turn off small appliances, all right from the palm of your hand!

Home automation and energy management has never been more convenient and efficient than with World Security’s remote home access products. Learn more about this amazing feature at: https://www.safexone.com/features/home-automation/control-your-home-from-your-finger-tips. 
As a top provider of Illinois home automation and wireless home security, World Security has recently noted a significant increase in consumer demand for its innovative services.

With unique and state-of-the-art features like remote automation products, energy management, thermostat control, and Personal Emergency response systems, it’s clear why World Security is an industry leader in home security and home automation.

World Security this week issued a press release regarding this recent surge of interest, and the company’s efforts to help inform interested consumers and the public through its blog, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Read the full release below:

Top Security Provider World Security Notes Increased Consumer Demand for its Home Automation Services in Illinois 

Illinois-based World Security, a top provider of home security equipment, has noted a recent surge of interest in its innovative home automation systems. The company has also launched an informational blog and social media pages to help educate interested consumers about the value and power of its automation products and interactive security systems. 

East Dundee, IL (PRWEB) May 14, 2014 – World Security, a leading provider of home automation and wireless home security, has recently seen a significant increase in consumer demand for the company’s interactive home automation services. World Security’s sales team has noticed a major uptick in Illinois with consumers inquiring about the company’s high-tech automation products. The recently revamped World Security website has also seen a noteworthy surge in traffic over the past several weeks. 

With innovative automation systems and interactive equipment, World Security helps clients save time and money with its unique Smart Schedule Activity Patterns. This one-of-a-kind wireless home automation feature not only provides users with remote access to their property’s system and settings, but it also allows them to create preprogrammed schedules that make automatic adjustments, providing unprecedented convenience and energy management. 

“It is very exciting to see residents of Illinois, and Chicago specifically, beginning to recognize the immense value of our advanced home automation systems,” said World Security Vice President Frank Vivirito. “At World Security, we aim to provide consumers with a state-of-the-art Xone of security and comfort around their home or business, and we are constantly innovating to provide industry-leading automation technology that saves our customers money, time and worry.” 

As a top home security provider, World Security has recently launched a company blog and collection of social media pages to help educate interested consumers and the general public about wireless home security and home automation systems. World Security provides valuable home monitoring and automation information on its Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as on the company website. 

About World Security 
World Security is an industry-leading provider of wireless home security and home automation systems. Based in East Dundee, Illinois, World Security offers a variety of plans and services tailored to fit each client’s unique needs and budget. From home alarms to energy automation to Personal Emergency response, World Security effectively safeguards your home or business with the ultimate Xone of state-of-the-art protection. Learn more at safexone.com and follow the company on Facebook and Twitter.
When an emergency strikes your home or business, communication with the right person is key. World Security’s unique two-way voice communication is integrated into your security panel, enabling you to speak directly with an emergency operator during your family’s time of need.

After an alarm is triggered, a World Security security operator will verify the problem with you and quickly respond using clear voice communication through the security panel speaker and microphone. You can rest easy knowing that you have an accessible, friendly voice to guide you and help you through emergency situations when you need your home security the most.

Our two-way voice alarm system offers a whole new level of safety, comfort and peace of mind, providing direct communication with your security provider. Create the ultimate Xone of protection for your home and family with this and other one-of-a-kind features offered in Safexone’s wireless home security technology.

See how World Security’s two-way voice communication works and how you can get started today at: https://www.safexone.com/two-way-voice-support.
One of the superior features that sets World Security apart from other Illinois home security systems is our Crash & Smash protection. World Security is the only home security solution with this type of patented technology to protect against the disabling of your alarm system.

With other substandard systems, criminals can often destroy the security panel before it sends an alarm, leaving you and your family vulnerable. Make sure you are protected when you need it most with World Security’s interactive equipment and wireless home security.

Our exclusive technology intuitively detects system tampering or destruction during the alarm dialing process. It is also programmed to know if the system experiences similar issues during entry delay or dialer delay. If a World Security security panel is damaged and no longer sending out the appropriate signals, World Security’s Network Operations Center will immediately alert emergency personnel.

World Security’s advanced home monitoring systems also send alerts to your phone or email if a Crash & Smash alarm is detected, so you can always be aware of what’s happening at home. Plus, this one-of-a-kind technology helps you reduce the number of false alarms and avoid unnecessary trips from the police or fire department.

Create an unbeatable Xone of protection around your home with World Security Crash & Smash protection: https://www.safexone.com/features/home-automation/crash-smash-technology.
Do you have an elderly relative requiring extra care, but you can’t afford costly full-time assisted living? Maybe a loved one prefers to stay at home, but you want the security of knowing that someone is watching out for them and the ability to easily check-in without relying on them to stay in touch?

World Security Personal Emergency Response Systems (P.E.R.S.) provide a convenient and affordable solution for you and your family. More than just an emergency button, World Security automation and home monitoring products are a reliable, 24/7 safety net.

Our interactive security systems learn your family members’ daily activity patterns and send you alerts when something is out of the ordinary, such as your loved one spending an abnormal amount of time in bed or leaving the house at an odd time. You also have the ability to easily check-in on a loved one at any time right from your computer or smartphone.

World Security’s industry-leading home automation makes life easier by simplifying routine tasks. Personalize schedules for lights, thermostats, locks and security, so neither you nor your independent loved one has to worry about them. Plus, with World Security’s unique remote access, you can always check the status of these home settings and easily adjust them from wherever you are.

Your World Security Personal Emergency Response System can even be easily integrated with other systems, making the monitoring information conveniently available to you at all times.

Learn more about the enhanced independence and peace of mind available with World Security’s Illinois home automation and Personal Emergency Response Systems here: https://www.safexone.com/monitoring/personal-emergency-response-system.
With the ever-rising costs of electricity and natural gas, heating and cooling your home or business is more expensive than ever. But with World Security’s Illinois energy management systems, you are in total control of the energy being used by your property, saving you money, time and worry.

World Security’s energy management solutions decrease unnecessary heating or cooling when you are away, reduce your overall electrical energy consumption, and cut your energy costs to save you money. With customized energy automation systems, World Security gives you unprecedented insight into your home energy use, and conveniently brings light and thermostat control right to the palm of your hand.

Not only can you remotely adjust your home’s settings from your computer or smartphone, but preprogrammed controls can make automatic adjustments. Imagine locking your doors, adjusting your thermostat, turning of all lights, and arming your security system with the touch of a button or the swipe of a single finger. With World Security, all this and more is possible.

Our Smart Schedule Activity Patterns bring you the ultimate Xone of savings and comfort. The energy automation technology learns how you use your energy on a daily basis and allows you to set convenient timed schedules and even automatically adjust based on your location.  With this state-of-the-art energy automation system, you save money during the day, but still return to a comfortable, well-lit home.

For more on World Security’s Illinois energy management, visit https://www.safexone.com/features/home-automation/energy-savings.
Chicago-based World Security provides the ultimate in Illinois home security and video surveillance. We are proud to be an industry leader at the cutting edge of home monitoring technology that helps keep your house, business and family safe and secure.

World Security offers a variety of interactive security systems with highly customizable features like video monitoring, interactive viewing platforms, motion sensors, image sensors, burglar and fire alarm monitoring and convenient mobile notifications.

All of our state-of-the-art wireless home security products operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you are never without your ultimate Xone of protection.

With World Security, you can watch live video or view previously recorded video clips on your computer or smart device. Our innovative home monitoring equipment allows you to program your system to automatically record based on personalized settings or triggers, such a door opening or an alarm sounding. Instant video alerts are then sent to you via text or email, so you can view what’s happening in real time.

Imagine being able to actually see that your kids got home from school safely, or visually check in at your business to see how the lunch rush is going. With World Security, the possibilities are endless.

To learn more about the Illinois home monitoring offered by World Security, please visit: https://www.safexone.com/monitoring.
We are often asked “What is the advantage of using World Security?” or “What differentiates World Security from our competitors?” While there are many superior qualities that make World Security a leading provider of home monitoring and automation, the advantage of our wireless home security systems is one of the key state-of-the-art features that truly sets us apart.

Many home security and video surveillance systems today still rely on antiquated hard-wired or Internet connections. These obsolete systems have inherent vulnerabilities. If your electricity goes out, your Internet goes down or your land line connection is lost, the security of your home and your family are compromised.

Imagine losing connection with your personal emergency response system during a dangerous storm, or having your home alarm rendered powerless by an intruder cutting the phone line.

With World Security, you never have to worry about such vulnerabilities. Our wireless home security is always on, working to protect you, and prepared to send out signals to the local police or fire department in the event of an intrusion or emergency.

Choose World Security and ensure that your home or business is protected when you need it the most.

Learn more about World Security’s 100% wireless home security at: https://www.safexone.com/features/home-automation/control-your-home-from-your-finger-tips.
With the jam-packed schedules of today, home automation alleviates worries and brings homeowners much needed peace of mind. Chicago-based World Security offers convenient, industry-leading home automation technology to residents of Illinois and beyond.

World Security’s wireless systems automate your daily life through remote control of your security system, lights, locks, garage door, thermostat and even everyday appliances. Customized schedules provide the ultimate in personalization, and convenient home monitoring allows you access your current settings and controls from your computer, tablet or smartphone technology.

Set daily light and thermostat control schedules that provide efficient energy management during the day, but allow you to return home to a comfortable, well-lit home. Remotely access your home’s current settings to check if you left the curling iron on or the front door unlocked. Save yourself a trip home over lunch by opening the garage door for a repair worker right from your office computer.

World Security provides the ultimate in Illinois home automation with its unique, highly customized automation rules. With just one touch, you can lock your doors, arm the home security system, adjust the thermostat, close the garage door and turn off the lights.

To learn more about the innovative home security and home automation products available from World Security at home automation.